July 29, 2021

Smita Mitra

  • The Night Riders
    The Night Riders

    Mumbai’s cyclists race under starry skies

  • The Lord Have Mercy
    The Lord Have Mercy

    ISKCON’s image is in the dumps, the scrap over Bangalore centre’s assets is one more nail...

  • Neha Raheja Thakker
    Neha Raheja Thakker

    The filmmaker on collaborative film The Owner

  • Long Journeys To Parenthood
    Long Journeys To Parenthood

    Couples from countries across the world—chiefly Islamic countries and Africa—are seeking babies in...

  • The Wee Willie Winkies
    The Wee Willie Winkies

    Weary working mom and a dusty baby? Look to all-night creches

  • Bunkmates In God’s Acre
    Bunkmates In God’s Acre

    A shortage of cemetery space forces Mumbai’s deceased to room together

  • What’s That Hum, Hun?
    What’s That Hum, Hun?

    It’s plastic love. No assembly required. Batteries extra.

  • Pulao Par Avion!
    Pulao Par Avion!

    Mom’s kitchen to NRI plates: the in-between is cut-’n-dry

  • The Two On Two Math
    The Two On Two Math

    A factory-like education system forces parents to explore home school options

  • Right, Says TED
    Right, Says TED

    Dropout to Al Gore’s pal...an artist arrives

  • 11 Hours Off Tin Pan...God, There’s Another Way!
    11 Hours Off Tin Pan...God, There’s Another Way!

    Drift, drum ’n bass, ska...even natural audio leaches into a world soundgarden. Indie rules.

  • To Stomach The Scalpel
    To Stomach The Scalpel

    Bariatric surgery is becoming a staple in the weight loss industry. But should it?

  • The Dandy March Past
    The Dandy March Past

    It’s a guy thing, Indian menswear’s moment under the sun

  • Satori In The Eye Of Suburbia
    Satori In The Eye Of Suburbia

    In Zen, in Taoism and in the Gita, young urban Indians are finding life

  • Strokes Of Subversion
    Strokes Of Subversion

    Still a niche genre, graphic novels give space to fringe discourse. And find an audience.

  • Very Short Stories
    Very Short Stories

    Hot pants...is just what a girl wants. It’s no skin off her back.

  • How Green These Barrens
    How Green These Barrens

    A magical oasis right in the middle of the suicide belt of Maharashtra, Hivre Bazaar village shows what...

  • Shatrughan Sinha
    Shatrughan Sinha

    The actor on promoting the Bhojpuri language through Ke Bani Crorepati

  • Epicurus Has A New Joint
    Epicurus Has A New Joint

    A Mumbai icon expands. It just shows you never can have too much of a good thing

  • Maria, What’s Your Story?
    Maria, What’s Your Story?

    An open-and-shut case, or so they thought. The mess made of the Neeraj Grover murder case.

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