September 24, 2020

Sashi Kumar

  • The MCC Coda
    The MCC Coda

    Dating back to 1837, the Madras Christian College reawakens to a global reunion call

  • Oedipus Vex
    Oedipus Vex

    Engorged on Anna, a feral media orchestrates opinion by inculcation

  • Flight Gone By
    Flight Gone By

    What has the first decade of the 21st century been like?

  • The Good Voter Schweik
    The Good Voter Schweik

    There is politics-on-TV. And then there is politics-on-English-TV.

  • Best And Worst Of TV
    Best And Worst Of TV

    From lauding Barkha Dutt's partisanship to frowning at dumbed-down news, our couch-bound jury picks what...

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