June 10, 2021

Sanghamitra Chakraborty

  • Here To Maternity
    Here To Maternity

    Tsabary's book will evoke such nostalgia in mothers who have passed early parenthood. But do new mothers...

  • It's Too Hot In The Igloo
    It's Too Hot In The Igloo

    Extreme weather events hit too close to home in '05. India can no longer avoid the global warming debate. ...

  • Antarmahal

    The director of this film has a new middle name — Ritu "porno" Ghosh.

  • Nature's White Out
    Nature's White Out

    Some find it beautiful, but there is a colder side to snowfalls — that of being a ruthless, uncontrolled...

  • The Mob On My Back
    The Mob On My Back

    Your secrets are public, you're accosted by a host of unsolicited calls, even medical records are open. Is...

  • Two's A Crowd
    Two's A Crowd

    Move over the eccentric bachelor uncle or the poor spinster aunt. Singlehood today is a choice—a happy,...

  • A Paper Boat
    A Paper Boat

    Will the policy invest in risk mitigation at local levels?

  • Sharmila Tagore
    Sharmila Tagore

    The new chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification clears the air about a CAG report that she...

  • Bile In The Brain
    Bile In The Brain

    Warped environments breed warped minds, reveals a new study of criminal psyche

  • Just Cut It Out
    Just Cut It Out

    Who decides how much is too much—the filmmaker, the censors, the audience? A debate....

  • Mother India
    Mother India

    From drivers to handpump mechanics, women are showing the way

  • Teething Teens
    Teething Teens

    Bees and birds are a far buzz away. Lack of sex education in urban kids leads to alarming results.

  • The Devi's Advocate
    The Devi's Advocate

    Is it legal to appoint a lawyer who built up a case for sati in Deorala a high court judge?

  • Dearth Of 
A Salesman
    Dearth Of A Salesman

    So, Amitabh Bachchan is a one-man brand industry. Nobody else has that 6-to-60 universal appeal who can sell...

  • Drought Ahoy?
    Drought Ahoy?

    The westerlies send erratic signs. Is it grim season for economic forecasting too?

  • Momma, See My Wisdom Tooth
    Momma, See My Wisdom Tooth

    The bees do it, the birds do it. But bringing up metrosexual parents today is not that simple.

  • They Beg To Defer
    They Beg To Defer

    India holds on to an archaic beggary law. The underclass falls through its loopholes.

  • Breath Of Dissent
    Breath Of Dissent

    She has been on a fast unto death for four years. But a draconian army keeps her alive on a hospital bed.

  • Tim Sebastian
    Tim Sebastian

    The host of BBC’s Hard Talk, on his Indian conquests

  • Slaves In Draconia
    Slaves In Draconia

    Ordinary folks—minors, farmers, minorities—fall prey to POTA for no fault of theirs

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