June 20, 2021

Sagarika Ghose

  • Bridge To The Gods
    Bridge To The Gods

    The Sangam at the Mahakumbh is where it all comes together—faith, remembrance...

  • Netiquette, Not Censorship
    Netiquette, Not Censorship

    Right-wing hatespeak on social media needs to be monitored

  • My Favourite Pink Bangles
    My Favourite Pink Bangles

    The woman of new India is freer than ever before, yet bound by tradition

  • It's A Girl!
    It's A Girl!

    Citizen 2006 comes into a more comfortable country. She has been born with two more powerful older siblings,...

  • The Neo-Natal Word
    The Neo-Natal Word

    Possibilities lurk in dark alleys. For us, it was in three rooms with rickety tables.

  • The Better Half
    The Better Half

    No wonder half a dozen eunuchs are fighting the elections this time. If you have to be male and odd-looking...

  • Ishq, Ishq, Ishq
    Ishq, Ishq, Ishq

    When Cupid lurks in every tehsil and every taluka, St Valentine is not so "foreign" after all.

  • Smokin 'Em Out
    Smokin 'Em Out

    Have the honourable grandees of state decided to impersonate George W. Bush's vocabulary?

  • Beefy Culture
    Beefy Culture

    Why is it that those who insist on ancient culture, don't themselves sound cultured?

  • Her Red's Sexy
    Her Red's Sexy

    Old commies should immediately adopt Arundhati Roy as one of their trendy new avatars. The class struggle...

  • Old Men At Sea
    Old Men At Sea

    Why do Indians love old age and genuflect to grumpy geriatrics? Perhaps it's a Hindu thing. The Dhritarashtra...

  • Getting Sentimental
    Getting Sentimental

    Unclear aims -- preaching to seminarists already in a state of electronic siege, ignoring the Indian...

  • Virtues Of Fallibility
    Virtues Of Fallibility

    Fluent, brave, knowledgeable, democratic, modernist and gently snobby about the Aggarwals and Sharmas.

  • When Forster Meets Hindutva
    When Forster Meets Hindutva

    The result's a Riot. But far too clinical, Tharoor's 'novel' evokes little.

  • Liberating Dollars
    Liberating Dollars

  • Summer Blossoms
    Summer Blossoms

    Good reading for long summer afternoons

  • Eating Out
    Eating Out

    Sagarika Ghose Dines Upamanyu Chatterjee at Pakwan at the Le Meridien

  • In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse
    In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse

    Two of America's literary greats—E.L. Doctorow and Peter Matthiessen—transiting via Delhi after a nature...

  • Black Comedy
    Black Comedy

  • Born to Rann
    Born to Rann

    Weaned on a harsh land, the Kutchi community firmly believes that self-help is the best help

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