June 24, 2021

S. Sivanand

  • 22 -yard Plot
    22 -yard Plot

  • The Hand That Rocks The Congress
    The Hand That Rocks The Congress

    With Sonia Gandhi’s blessings, party President Sitaram Kesri moves in swiftly to stifle Narasimha...

  • Cry For Statehood
    Cry For Statehood

    Congressmen intensify their stir and plan to take it to Parliament

  • The Day Disaster Struck
    The Day Disaster Struck

    The devastating tragedy raises familiar questions about India’s crisis management skills

  • Bay Of Death
    Bay Of Death

    500 die as a cyclone slams flood-hit coastal areas

  • Crisis Mismanaged
    Crisis Mismanaged

    A cash-strapped TDP banks on the Centre for flood relief

  • A Lady With A Mission
    A Lady With A Mission

    Dr Katakshamma becomes Asia’s first lady Bishop

  • A Turning Point?
    A Turning Point?

    The electoral battle at Patapatnam is crucial for both TDP factions

  • Skeletons In The Closet
    Skeletons In The Closet

    Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh chief minister Vengala Rao's memoirs rake up Narasimha Rao's past

  • Canal Of Discontent
    Canal Of Discontent

    After Almatti, Naidu faces a stir over the Telugu Ganga project

  • Inviting Trouble?
    Inviting Trouble?

    Naidu's decision to ban the PWG may only help it regroup again

  • Law Makers Or Breakers?
    Law Makers Or Breakers?

    We uncovered the names of 39 MPs, including four ministers. The charges ranged from murder, rape, dacoity,...

  • Clinging To Populism
    Clinging To Populism

    Subsidised rice and prohibition get a reprieve, but for how long?

  • The Great Water Divide
    The Great Water Divide

    The South is caught up in a complex web of views on sharing of river waters. The Cauvery issue has reached...

  • The Unknown Terminator
    The Unknown Terminator

    Who's behind the murders of 55 Congressmen in the 20 months that the TDP has been in power?

  • Rao And His Sons: Uneasy Ties
    Rao And His Sons: Uneasy Ties

    Of the three sons, it's only Prabhakar who is said to have exploited PVNR's position

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble

    Parvathi's faction goes under, but Naidu's TDP has its woes

  • South May Dump Its Son
    South May Dump Its Son

    Strong regional aspirations strengthen the Third Force

  • Principles Be Damned
    Principles Be Damned

    Ideology takes a backseat in a promiscuous spree of benefit-oriented tie-ups with regional parties

  • Mutiny Over His Millions
    Mutiny Over His Millions

    NTR's widow, Lakshmi Parvathi, and his sons are

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