Ruchir Joshi
Ruchir Joshi


  • Canapé Capers

    There is no more callous, matlabi and blindered creature than a modern art-apparatchik, I suspect not just in Navi Delhi but all over this sorry planet...

    BY Ruchir Joshi June 12, 2017

    Canapé Capers
  • Cinéma Vérité

    In case you think making an art film is a bit of a jaunt, get rid of the idea. And if you somehow manage to make one, don't be too sure that you'd get to see it

    BY Ruchir Joshi June 12, 2017

    Cinéma Vérité
  • Burnt Toast

    So why were the waiters so solicitous to our dillittante? "Our third friend, who's looking the most stylishly <i>jhalla</i> of us all offers an explanation: "It's the entertainment value. Look at all the others! They are so boring!"

    BY Ruchir Joshi March 19, 2007

    Burnt Toast
  • Days Of Wine And Poses

    It's my theory that, just like a piece of land that shouldn't be over-cultivated, no city should be over-watered with Culture, and Delhi certainly is a prime victim of this phenomena.

    BY Ruchir Joshi June 1, 2006

    Days Of Wine And Poses
  • Write Of Way

    The cherub is standing next to Amit Chaudhuri and it makes a beautifully complete picture--cute Pravasi Bongs will always rule philistinous cities such as Delhi, no matter what shape they come in

    BY Ruchir Joshi May 25, 2006

    Write Of Way
  • A Place To Hang Your Art

    While it is too early to proclaim the divide between the arty-ratti and the aam-public extinct, there is a start in that direction.

    BY Ruchir Joshi May 11, 2006

    A Place To Hang Your Art
  • Bring Back The Movies

    Why doesn't going to the multiplex and paying through your nose provide the kind of rush it used to in the early days, oh those eight-nine long years ago? Why is it, in fact, more often than not, such a bum trip?

    BY Ruchir Joshi April 27, 2006

    Bring Back The Movies
  • In Memoriam

    Dillittante would like to salute the passing of a great fellow Dillittante and Dil-e-Tant, Bhaskar Bhattacharya, aka Duster to some, BB to others, and Bhaskar-da to this writer.

    BY Ruchir Joshi April 20, 2006

    In Memoriam
  • No Free Launches

    There has developed in Delhi a connoisseurship of the participatory performance form called the `Booklaunch'. Recently, two fairly different ones from the genre, were held on consecutive evenings...

    BY Ruchir Joshi April 6, 2006

    No Free Launches
  • Frame By Frame

    A great natural tragedy bites into a coast equally very far from Batra Hospital and the DU Campus. A a psuedo-cynical 'NGO manager' goes down to see and finds the Calcutta photographer waking up again inside him.

    BY Ruchir Joshi March 30, 2006

    Frame By Frame