March 01, 2021

R.K. Raghavan

  • Intelligence Questions
    Intelligence Questions

    The IB officer is a vulnerable being. Blame him not casually.

  • Clueless And Insensitive?
    Clueless And Insensitive?

    Political parties will have to sink their differences and cooperate in taking part in the exercise in making...

  • Comments Of The Chairman SIT, Gujarat
    Comments Of The Chairman SIT, Gujarat

    On The Enquiry Report (Preliminary) of May 2010 in SLP (Crl.) 1088/2088

  • Eyes And Ears Everywhere
    Eyes And Ears Everywhere

    It’s now extra-risky to wander from the straight and narrow

  • Justice Isn’t Revenge
    Justice Isn’t Revenge

    Our criticism of the judiciary’s humane side doesn’t augur well

  • Horses For Courses
    Horses For Courses

    Legalising cricket betting seems the only practical solution

  • Home-Made Homicides
    Home-Made Homicides

    Three killings, all of women; three killers, all known to the victims

  • Justice Cold As Stone
    Justice Cold As Stone

    The sentencing of a woman in Iran and some thoughts on India

  • The Tea Totallers
    The Tea Totallers

    Now as in the past, there surely are honest officials. At least some.

  • Death, Be Not Ironbound
    Death, Be Not Ironbound

    Verdicts sending men to the gallows can often go awry

  • The Beat Less Trodden
    The Beat Less Trodden

    Women in the police and police treatment of women—two stories

  • Aye Aye, MK
    Aye Aye, MK

    Will a gubernatorial role contain a lifelong top cop?

  • An Antidote To Khakiphobia
    An Antidote To Khakiphobia

    To be sure, it has to come from the police. But society can help.

  • Needed: A Creeping Barrage
    Needed: A Creeping Barrage

    We don’t aspire to utopia, but have a right to resist corruption

  • Chained In Purgatory
    Chained In Purgatory

    It’s time we extirpated the horrific dehumanisation from our prisons

  • A Hey Ram For Ahimsa
    A Hey Ram For Ahimsa

    It seems we’re doing nothing about the violence in our mindset

  • Death By Kindness
    Death By Kindness

    The UK is debating euthanasia laws; India should take a cue

  • Rose Garden Predators
    Rose Garden Predators

    The sexual abuse of children hasn’t shocked us with its ugliness

  • House Of No Exit
    House Of No Exit

    A newer India must extirpate institutional indulgence for corruption

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