August 06, 2020

Ricky Ponting

  • Devil In The Dustbowl
    Devil In The Dustbowl

    We let the pitch get to us, but hey—I complained even when we were on top

  • What I Really Missed
    What I Really Missed

    I didn't get to be part of the execution squad but—boy!—didn't it shoot straight?

  • Orange County Blight
    Orange County Blight

    For the later batsmen to do well, the openers have to take the sting off the ball

  • Before The Deluge
    Before The Deluge

    It was anyone's game on day five, but we are playing close to our best right now

  • Spin Voodoo Land
    Spin Voodoo Land

    We had a 1-0 lead in 2001 too, but can India reverse the situation this time round?

  • That Doggone Dust
    That Doggone Dust

    The bowlers will hold the key, but the Aussies know the subcontinent better now

  • Easy Meat Curry
    Easy Meat Curry

    The Indians are no chokers. They looked fatigued and we played our best cricket.

  • The Best-Of-One Final
    The Best-Of-One Final

    We're finally hitting our stride. And WACA will be playing on the Indians' minds.

  • Lee's Kitchen On Fire
    Lee's Kitchen On Fire

    We are approaching the last league game as the fourth final. We'll go the whole hog.

  • Now, The Humdinger
    Now, The Humdinger

    Fielding is an indication of how a team is feeling. It hasn't been very positive.

  • Ignition Is The Key
    Ignition Is The Key

    Our openers must start firing... and the Indian line-up could always have a bad day

  • It's Even, Stephen
    It's Even, Stephen

    The Indians made us pay for our lapses. A 1-1 result was the best we could hope for.

  • Swallows, Summers
    Swallows, Summers

    One bad session cost us Adelaide. One good Test isn't enough for you to dethrone us.

  • That Strange Taste
    That Strange Taste

    A Test defeat. It had never happened before for many in the team. It hurts real bad.

  • One Notch Higher
    One Notch Higher

    The Indians are no pushovers. But we can get past them if we play to our potential.

  • Collateral Damage
    Collateral Damage

    Over to the battle between our bowlers and their out-of-form top batsmen

  • Aye, Aye... Cap'n
    Aye, Aye... Cap'n

    The Aussies want to give Waugh a prize retirement gift. Bad news for the Indians.

  • Still Wandering!
    Still Wandering!

    Losing two finals to the Aussies in six months. Over to the kangaroos on home turf.

  • Cut To The Chase
    Cut To The Chase

    The 'intent' was in place, in Bangalore the Aussies got the 'intimidate' part right too

  • Catch A Falling Coin
    Catch A Falling Coin

    The toss plays a crucial role - a swinging ball makes life difficult for the batsmen

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