August 04, 2021

Rathin Roy

  • Rupee, the Fourth R
    Rupee, the Fourth R

    Even World Bank's aid will be at the expense of other states. Is it right to expect the Indian poor to...

  • Unstable Is Not Ugly
    Unstable Is Not Ugly

    There are substantive reasons to dispute the notion that unstable coalitions are more profligate.

  • Executing The Economy
    Executing The Economy

    The real tragedy: those who should have lent economic vision have traded it for the spoils of petty office

  • In Cloud Cuckoo Land
    In Cloud Cuckoo Land

    Political mismanagement in an economy that's structurally weak: Moody's swings is all you get

  • Too Many Sacred Cows
    Too Many Sacred Cows

    The administration can't do anything dramatic in the Budget

  • Gamekeeper As Poacher
    Gamekeeper As Poacher

    A blind Thatcherite strategy for privatisation will never work for India

  • A Hundred Million Losers
    A Hundred Million Losers

    The BJP doesn't seem to have anything to say about the economy that is different from others

  • Imperialism Of The Ngos
    Imperialism Of The Ngos

    Cambodia is being recolonised by petty despots: mediocre, semi-skilled expatriates from the We s t

  • Scavenging For Morality
    Scavenging For Morality

    Is the Indian elite scouring western junkyards to find reasons for India’s moral decline?

  • Merit Is An Abstract Noun
    Merit Is An Abstract Noun

    For every bribe taken, there must be a giver. And all of us are equal beneficiaries of the process.

  • Vision Of A Continent
    Vision Of A Continent

    Are 'Asian values' only a western concept, based on simplistic and lazy generalising?

  • A Poisoned Chalice
    A Poisoned Chalice

    The United Front Government is only paying for the sins of Manmohanomics, feels Rathin Roy

  • A Mandate For True Reform
    A Mandate For True Reform

    Given its commitment to equity, the United Front should deliver the radical reform its mandate expects

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