May 27, 2020

Raman Nanda

  • Combating Terror
    Combating Terror

    Inspired by Hitler, a fringe ultra-right group targets Asians

  • Charming Indophiles
    Charming Indophiles

    Gopal Gandhi is all set to represent New Delhi in South Africa

  • The Wages Of Greed
    The Wages Of Greed

    The nation debates whether to slaughter its 12 million cattle stock to check the Mad Cow disease

  • An Expensive Shopping Spree
    An Expensive Shopping Spree

  • Gunning For Oil
    Gunning For Oil

    Between armaments and human rights, Britain chooses the first

  • Losing The Majority
    Losing The Majority

    Nicholson's defection spells trouble for the Conservatives

  • The Colours Of Riot
    The Colours Of Riot

    Violence in Brixton keeps the racial cauldron simmering

  • A Nation On Strike
    A Nation On Strike

    Alain Juppe’s radical economic reforms spark off a major row

  • Seeking An Agenda
    Seeking An Agenda

    Is the Commonwealth an inadequate replica of the UN?

  • Labour Belaboured
    Labour Belaboured

    A TV documentary accuses Labour MP Keith Vaz of racist remarks and coercion, embarrassing his party high...

  • The Princess Bares All
    The Princess Bares All

    Diana's fifty-minute interview on the BBC revives the debate on the reform of the British monarchy

  • Who's Afraid Of Rushdie?
    Who's Afraid Of Rushdie?

    The Booker Prize, it is said, is somewhat like a lottery. Besides the recognition and the award money it...

  • For God's Sake
    For God's Sake

    A new book launches a savage attack on Mother Teresa

  • Race To The Elections
    Race To The Elections

    The Tories come down heavily on economic migrants to the UK

  • A Nose Is A Nose Is A Nose
    A Nose Is A Nose Is A Nose

    The multi-cultural Cyrano draws a mixed, occasionally puzzled, response in the UK

  • Remote Control Warlord
    Remote Control Warlord

    Altaf Hussain commands a massive following in Karachi despite being out of Pakistan for three years

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