April 02, 2020

Raju Bharatan

  • What If Lata Had A Rival?
    What If Lata Had A Rival?

    Would Lata have attained the 'super' status she did if Noor Jehan (as the 'brighter' voice) had chosen to...

  • Square Deals
    Square Deals

    Threatened yes, but the straight hasn't wiped out the cryptic yet

  • Never There Genius
    Never There Genius

    After 15 years in world cricket, his image, sadly, is one of a giant who never rose to his full Carribbean...

  • Rhythm Mortis
    Rhythm Mortis

    Will the nineties ever hold a candle to the golden oldies?

  • Player's Pot Of Gold
    Player's Pot Of Gold

    More than just pride was at stake in the '92 World Cup

  • The Home Jinx
    The Home Jinx

    Amidst the ecstasy of staging the Cup, India and Pakistan had to bear the agony of seeing their hopes wither...

  • Rings Of Saturn
    Rings Of Saturn

    It was the season passion found fulfilment, yet for the man in charge the warm afterglow soon turned cold

  • Lights, Camera...
    Lights, Camera...

    A look at action surrounding the 1979 World Cup

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