June 24, 2021

Rahimullah Yusufzai

  • Then They Espied The Eyrie
    Then They Espied The Eyrie

    An old hand at Osama bin Laden scours every source and recreates how the US spoored, then got their man

  • Twin Encounters
    Twin Encounters

    Indelible impressions from two interviews with the Al Qaeda chief

  • ‘The Taliban And India Can Be Reconciled’
    ‘The Taliban And India Can Be Reconciled’

    Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid spoke to Rahimullah Yusufzai

  • They Did It, No, We Didn't
    They Did It, No, We Didn't

    Who killed Suryanarayana? Was it the Taliban or the ISI?

  • 'Shut Down Projects, Leave Afghanistan'
    'Shut Down Projects, Leave Afghanistan'

    The new Taliban spokesmen peddle their version, claim that K. Suryanarayana confessed during interrogation...

  • Bearded State
    Bearded State

    With the MMA zealots nipping at his heels, NWFP chief minister Durrani shows up his illiberal side

  • Whispers In The Dark
    Whispers In The Dark

    That Al Qaeda is a force again is unlikely, but attacks raise fears

  • Endurance Of Freedom
    Endurance Of Freedom

    A fugitive Mullah Omar and an elusively mythic Osama haunt the US' year-old war against terror

  • Operation Infinite Injustice
    Operation Infinite Injustice

    Anti-US sentiments run high in Urozgan.

  • Shifting Cultivation
    Shifting Cultivation

    The US needs Pak troops in the tribal northwest, not LoC

  • Li'l Big Chief Has Lost His Sheep
    Li'l Big Chief Has Lost His Sheep

    He's the West's big hope, but the Afghan chairman has little say in his own backyard

  • Sheltered In Pakistan?
    Sheltered In Pakistan?

    The porous Pakistan-Afghan border may have enabled Osama to escape to its tribal belt

  • Just An Unjust Excuse For Abuse
    Just An Unjust Excuse For Abuse

    Was the 'revolt of Qala PoWs' cause enough for US strikes?

  • Swathe Realities
    Swathe Realities

    After Kabul, local warlords stake their claims to key areas

  • A Hunt For Haqqani
    A Hunt For Haqqani

    His organisational skills make the Taliban minister a US target

  • The Last Retreat
    The Last Retreat

    The Taliban's only refuge in the North may witness a bloodbath

  • Alliance Of Contrarians
    Alliance Of Contrarians

    How viable is the NA alternative, with its constituents bitterly divided?

  • A Frost-Bitten War
    A Frost-Bitten War

    The 'smart' bombs take a pounding, the Taliban stand defiant

  • Inside Jalalabad
    Inside Jalalabad

    Vignettes from Rahimullah Yusufzai, one of the few to go into Taliban's Afghanistan

  • 'The US And Its Allies Can't Remove Us'
    'The US And Its Allies Can't Remove Us'

    Rahimullah Yusufzai talks to Mulla Abdul Kabir, governor of Nangarhar province, head of the three eastern...

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