June 16, 2021

Pinhas Inbari

  • "Indo-Israel Ties Should Not Be At The Expense Of Palestinians"

    Saddled with running a bankrupt Palestinian Authority, the Hamas PM faces pressure from the Israeli...

  • 'I Am Preparing Myself To Meet God'
    'I Am Preparing Myself To Meet God'

    An insight into the mind of a would-be bomber: A young Palestinian then training to become a suicide bomber,...

  • Yasser's Pieces
    Yasser's Pieces

    With Arafat gone, the contrary pulls in the movement begin to assert themselves Updates

  • Gandhi In Palestine
    Gandhi In Palestine

    The Mahatma's grandson takes his message of ahimsa to the heart of violence, but finds the response mixed

  • Shalom, Or Is It Salaam?
    Shalom, Or Is It Salaam?

    With the UPA in power, Israel is suddenly unsure of its relations with India

  • Sharon's Stone On Our Heart
    Sharon's Stone On Our Heart

    As Delhi prepares to welcome the Israeli PM, it wilfully forgets his past for its own interests Updates

  • Siege Mentality
    Siege Mentality

    Israel creates 'deeper buffer zones' within the buffer zone.

  • Ariel Bombing
    Ariel Bombing

    Peace suffers another knockout as Sharon decides to expel not only terror but also Arafat from Palestine,...

  • "We First Give Them A State"

    "The Camp David summit failed as they wanted a final agreement... now we would negotiate like two states...we...

  • Retaliatory Pretext
    Retaliatory Pretext

    Not Hamas but Arafat's symbol of prestige become Israel's targets

  • Torrents Of Arabia
    Torrents Of Arabia

    The OIC conference in Qatar—and events on the ground—reveals a schizoid Arab world

  • The Belief Of Insurrection
    The Belief Of Insurrection

    The Wailing Wall (or is it the al-Aqsa) sparks off Intifada part II

  • Islamic Bombast
    Islamic Bombast

    After Chagai, are Israeli apprehensions about the prospects of an Islamic bomb misfounded?

  • The Peace Wears Thin
    The Peace Wears Thin

    Netanyahu and Arafat blame each other for a failing peace process, both refusing to budge an inch

  • The Devil's Alternative
    The Devil's Alternative

    Premier Netanyahu faces the wrath of Jewish settlers over the Hebron talks

  • Tunnel To Violence
    Tunnel To Violence

    Ethnic violence jeopardises the West Asia peace process

  • Volatile Equations
    Volatile Equations

    Benyamin Netanyahu wants peace, but on his own terms

  • Mixed Signals
    Mixed Signals

    Is Benyamin Netanyahu working to destroy his Likud Party?

  • An Enigmatic Leader
    An Enigmatic Leader

    It is still not clear what direction the West Asia peace process will take under the new premier

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