August 15, 2020

Owais Tohid

  • Tightening The Noose
    Tightening The Noose

    The government takes a tough stand against religious militants

  • Homeless In Karachi
    Homeless In Karachi

    Unless they can prove their status, about 1.6 million Bengalis face deportation under a recent decree by the...

  • "We Have No Liability Towards Them"

    An interview with Pakistan Interior Minister Maj - General(Retd) Naseerullah Babar, who contends that...

  • Pakistan's Orphans
    Pakistan's Orphans

    The 'Biharis' of Bangladesh have just one dream: to go back home. But Pakistan does not want them.

  • Burying The Past
    Burying The Past

    Despite its anti-India biases, Pakistan's post-1971 generation watches Zee TV, loves Madhuri Dixit and...

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