May 15, 2021

Norris Pritam

  • Giant Leap
    Giant Leap

    For the last one year Anju has been hovering between fourth and fifth in the world. This is no mean...

  • The Sharpshooter
    The Sharpshooter

    Unlike Anju, Anjali has at some point beaten all her rivals above her in the ranking and that makes her a...

  • What Women Want
    What Women Want

    Anju, Anjali and Karnam. Three athletes are carrying the hopes of a billion people. Can they jump, shoot or...

  • Iron Lady
    Iron Lady

    From Sydney to Athens, the standard in women's weightlifting has seen dramatic changes. But since Malleswari...

  • Moses Of The Mats
    Moses Of The Mats

    Wedded to his craft, Guru Hanuman played father to both students and Indian wrestling

  • Woman Power
    Woman Power

    In Athens 1896 there were no women; in Atlanta 1996 they are cornering the gold and the glory

  • Circle Of Misery
    Circle Of Misery

    As official freeloaders piled on, the Indian challenge at Atlanta ended even before it began

  • Clueless In Coke City
    Clueless In Coke City

    A bomb blast during the Games... a Third World host wouldn't have survived the PR disaster

  • Cinematic Splendour
    Cinematic Splendour

    Black symbolism was the theme of a show dominated by spectacle, money and sheer audacity

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