June 15, 2021

Nilanjana Roy

  • Ink, Mortar And Canon
    Ink, Mortar And Canon

    A hundred essential books, chosen by our jury, and the reasons they should be read—and reread

  • For Anonymous
    For Anonymous

    That girl, the one without the name. The one just like us. The one whose battered body stood for all the...

  • Bharat (Tempera On Newsprint)
    Bharat (Tempera On Newsprint)

    Husain’s canvases, absorbent of India, were coloured by the times

  • The Churmur At The Tip Of My Tongue
    The Churmur At The Tip Of My Tongue

    Finally, it’s the fabled grime that gives street food its defining sharpness

  • Make Love, But First Make The Lover
    Make Love, But First Make The Lover

    The warm, sensitive stud has morphed into a handsome handyman but Mr Right is still a fantasy

  • Travel

    It is relatively easy to write about remote, far-off places—Timbuktu or Ulan Bator rather than Delhi,...

  • Dough-Eyed One
    Dough-Eyed One

    A national dish for India? Cut out the curry, the dosa has searing ambitions.

  • The World Is My Thali
    The World Is My Thali

    From puri-aloo to McAloo Tikki burger, from Raj to rajma, fusion to confusion, we have run the gustatory...

  • Femme Fatale
    Femme Fatale

    Older and wiser, none of us want to be Modesty Blaise any more. Instead, we'll settle for making war, money...

  • It's Cold In Cyberia
    It's Cold In Cyberia

    The pen became an abstract blade. And as it slashed through the undergrowth, the vegetation kept changing.

  • A Nugget Of Rediscovery
    A Nugget Of Rediscovery

    It is the stories where human lives stray plausibly, but irrevocably, into surrealist territory, while...

  • Location, Location
    Location, Location

    I gave up on trying to do the Bombay scene - what was the point when it was so Delhi?

  • Bibliornithology

    A flock of bookish birds: Restless Chattering Starlings, Feather-Brained Cuckoos, Bibulous Bulbuls, Culture...

  • No Bed Of Rhesus
    No Bed Of Rhesus

    My guests have been hooted at, had obscene gestures made at them, and showered with muck. "Really," they say...

  • Mirage 2005
    Mirage 2005

    In the heart of darkness, Deb finds a new set of horsemen for the apocalypse: dereliction, amnesia,...

  • In Noor's Jahan
    In Noor's Jahan

    Baldwin's ability to bring her characters to life has never been in question and it reigns supreme now...

  • Cooper Calling
    Cooper Calling

    It has few surprises, but many insights and the small joys that arise from making new discoveries in an...

  • English Vegetables, Desi Steak
    English Vegetables, Desi Steak

    "In my mother's house and my grandmother's house, meals came in two varieties: Indian and English. Between...

  • In Search Of A Plot
    In Search Of A Plot

    There are few sensations worse than reading a book with anticipation and realising that the package should...

  • The X, Y, Zee Precursors
    The X, Y, Zee Precursors

    Irritants break the flow of concentration; instead of the urgency and the barely suppressed energy of the...

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