June 23, 2021

Neerja Pahwa Jetley

  • The Best And The Brightest
    The Best And The Brightest

    Near-complete autonomy and a fanatical focus on quality make the IITs the cradle of some of the world's best...

  • "Fleas Will Rule The Ice Age"
    "Fleas Will Rule The Ice Age"

    What drives people to create something out of nothing? Ambition? Money, power or genes? Or, mood of the...

  • Another Ice Meltdown
    Another Ice Meltdown

    The e-glut has claimed its victims. Now, after the shakeout only the serious players are left standing.

  • The 60,000 Cr Crash
    The 60,000 Cr Crash

    That’s what investors lost on April 4 when IT scrips led the dive

  • Here’s The Feelgood Option
    Here’s The Feelgood Option

    Part-owner employees are loyal, happy-and rich. And the trend is not limited to the infotech sector either.

  • The First 100 Days
    The First 100 Days

    Vajpayee's trial starts now. He has to go the whole hog to clear the economic mess.

  • The Paper Chase Revisited
    The Paper Chase Revisited

    A surge in select stock prices leads to a ‘boomlet’ in the primary market, but is there enough...

  • Vinay Shukla
    Vinay Shukla

    The director on the Kudos and the controversy behind his film,'Godmother'

  • A Dream Crumbles
    A Dream Crumbles

    Essar's problems were caused by external factors, but also because it tried to grow too fast

  • The Dagger Under The Cloak
    The Dagger Under The Cloak

    Low inflation may be a boon for the consumer, but a cascading effect of the price wars could throttle growth

  • Denim's Got The Blues
    Denim's Got The Blues

    Faded, jaded and downgraded, the fabric's taking a beating the world over as khakis and twills push for shelf...

  • Who Gives A Damn For The Indian Economy?
    Who Gives A Damn For The Indian Economy?

    Frequent elections are bad. But some prefer to focus on the glimmers of hope beyond the gloom.

  • Party Games, Corporate Woes
    Party Games, Corporate Woes

    The Budget clears the parliamentary roadblock, but the economy is still hostage to the men in khadi

  • Life On The Cutting Edge
    Life On The Cutting Edge

    Education, designation, seniority-nothing's proof against the wave of retrenchment sweeping corporate India

  • The Twice Born
    The Twice Born

    Tinker, tailor, tax and toil. Yashwant Sinha presents a sober, swadeshi and-surprise!-reformist budget. He...

  • Charge Of The Wives Brigade
    Charge Of The Wives Brigade

    Direct marketing companies and housewives are getting together to form a partnership that's profitable to...

  • High On The Social Spirit
    High On The Social Spirit

    Liquor advertisements become messages of moderation

  • Staring At Stagflation?
    Staring At Stagflation?

    When all indicators barring inflation point south, experts begin to whisper the dreaded S-word

  • E=Entertainment2

    In these times of recession, one business is booming, with a new breed of leisure merchants

  • Discounts Thrill But Kill
    Discounts Thrill But Kill

    Marketers are caught in their own game. Brand cache, customer loyalty, profits—all are being lost in the...

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