September 23, 2020

Naresh Fernandes

  • Why I Love <i>Outlook</i>
    Why I Love Outlook

    It allows its writers to speak in their own voices and doesn’t squeeze the life out of their prose in the...

  • Italy Diary
    Italy Diary

    Italy’s most popular icon by far is an Argentine of Italian origin...

  • New York Diary
    New York Diary

    Rules: 1. Don’t F*ck with Kids 2. Don’t F*ck with Cops. 3. Don’t F*ck with Bar Staff. 4. Don’t F*ck...

  • Naresh Fernandes
    Naresh Fernandes

  • Portugal Diary
    Portugal Diary

    The surge in the number of Goans applying for Portuguese citizenship has caused conster­nation in Britain

  • Rudresh  Mahanthappa
    Rudresh Mahanthappa

    The Smart Musician - 42 years | New York

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    In the lead-up to the Olympics, Londoners had more than the weather to be wary about...

  • The Big Sellout
    The Big Sellout

    The mall does not make us modern. The middle-class covets the 'big box' as it insulates them.

  • Slo-Mo Horrors
    Slo-Mo Horrors

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