June 16, 2021

Nahlah Ayed

  • Karradi Tales
    Karradi Tales

    The new slogans on the city's streets: no Saddam, no America

  • Grisly Spoils
    Grisly Spoils

    The battle for Baghdad could be the fiercest yet in the war. But it's the ordinary citizens taking the brunt.

  • Taking It To
The Streets
    Taking It To The Streets

    In this physical, psychological war, Saddam surprisingly is still ahead. Sacking Baghdad will be no cakewalk.

  • The Paranoid Dunes
    The Paranoid Dunes

    The Arab world is goaded by its enraged peoples to look warily at the future

  • The Sovereign's Astute Resolve
    The Sovereign's Astute Resolve

    Iraq's acquiescence to the UN demand of destroying al-Samoud missiles may de-fang the US-led hawks in the...

  • Give Me The Tired, The Weary!
    Give Me The Tired, The Weary!

    Officialdom thinks there's little to worry about. But for Citizen Jane, it's another story altogether.

  • Clutch No Straw
    Clutch No Straw

    Endnotes from a nation and people poised on the edge of a seemingly inevitable war

  • Bluster Is A Thin Armour
    Bluster Is A Thin Armour

    Life's going on for the average Baghdadi, George W. Bush's threats notwithstanding

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