October 26, 2020

Mushirul Hasan

  • Project History
    Project History

    This is the stage where all Muslim tropes live

  • Laugh, Riotous Politics!
    Laugh, Riotous Politics!

    A first look at ‘Wit and Wisdom’, a new compilation from ‘The Parsee Punch’, a London ‘Punch’...

  • Chalk And Cheese
    Chalk And Cheese

    Education has to be an inclusive idea in India. It is not now.

  • Ears On Cobblestones
    Ears On Cobblestones

    Two books offer no insight into the enigma of 1857, but, laudably, listen in on marginalised voices and oral...

  • Verses That Change
    Verses That Change

    The lives of Shaukat and Kaifi Azmi frame a broader cultural ferment, a shared vision for a better world

  • Dreams Of Lion Valley
    Dreams Of Lion Valley

    Sheikh Abdullah's secular Kashmiriyat must be seen in the context of the fight against the Dogra regime

  • Assembled In Pakistan
    Assembled In Pakistan

    A reploughing of Jinnah's life, but shorn of balance

  • Long Goodbye
    Long Goodbye

    Tells us about Benazir’s liberal commitments and eclectic worldview, but also points to the blemishes...

  • The Musketeers Of Hind
    The Musketeers Of Hind

    1857—the time that's become a place in our minds

  • Around Midnight
    Around Midnight

    One virtue of this book is that every paragraph of it is redolent of the 1940s and to bring it up to date...

  • One Word, Many Meanings
    One Word, Many Meanings

    Such was the polysemy of Partition in the minds of those who lived through the transfer of power

  • Red Sentinel
    Red Sentinel

    This illustrated book brings alive the palace-fortress built by Emperor Shahjahan.

  • The Fear And Loathing
    The Fear And Loathing

    New narrative vigour and fresh insights into a theme that's been reduced to a static tale of suffering

  • The Ants Write Their Own Script
    The Ants Write Their Own Script

    Did Partition's onus rest only on its grand players or did the untold story lie outside conference chambers?

  • Jinnah, The Janus-Faced
    Jinnah, The Janus-Faced

    Jinnah began as secular. But political ambition made him change colours often.

  • History In The Breaking
    History In The Breaking

    An empirical underpinning of the political abuse of Ayodhya and its reverberating echoes

  • The History Metre
    The History Metre

    This new volume edited by a descendant of Hali has produced an admirable English translation.

  • We Shall Overcome
    We Shall Overcome

    Some essays are entirely based on newspaper reports; others are hardly held together by a single theme ......

  • In Residence
    In Residence

    Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

  • A Spectre Of Failed Countries
    A Spectre Of Failed Countries

    The strategy of nation-states explains the place and action of the Jamaat

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