February 27, 2020

Mukul Sharma

  • Between The Eloi And The Morlocks
    Between The Eloi And The Morlocks

    Running a general-education science magazine with an English Honours is the stuff of fond memories and witty...

  • Broken Song Of Bernadette
    Broken Song Of Bernadette

    From Lourdes to Velankanni, God is beseiged with demands for miracles. But a moral choice confronts Him.

  • Queen Of Cube Roots
    Queen Of Cube Roots

    Some close encounters with a numerical speedster

  • Mars Attacked
    Mars Attacked

    Internet with a mind of its own? Your hand a palmtop? These, and eight other ideas push the envelope and how.

  • Downloading The Future
    Downloading The Future

    Thinking computers, meat on trees... sci-fi's now closer than you think

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