April 22, 2021

M.S. Gill

  • My Spot Of Green
    My Spot Of Green

    I’ll miss the birds in my garden, but will they miss me?

  • A Journey To The Other Punjab
    A Journey To The Other Punjab

    If only the Kashmir imbroglio would end, India, Pakistan, as well as the two Punjabs would see tremendous...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    The sky is brassy, the trees, the birds and even the monkeys from Raisina Hill who regularly traipse through...

  • Joy, And The River Of Sorrow
    Joy, And The River Of Sorrow

    Rural Punjab retains its spirit and inventiveness; the Sutlej is another story

  • The Whisky King o’Blighty
    The Whisky King o’Blighty

    On how the Sawhneys became big purveyors of fine spirits

  • Kumarajiva’s Passage
    Kumarajiva’s Passage

    Dunhuang’s majestic Buddhist murals ought to be known better here

  • A Story Of Many People
    A Story Of Many People

    Ashish Bose considers population issues, and has equal time for both prominent and humble—a true demographer

  • Shimla Diary
    Shimla Diary

    One continuous crowded hill with vehicles, crowds, noise and anything but the lovely Kipling’s Shimla...

  • Corner Shot From Coorg
    Corner Shot From Coorg

    A people’s initiative for hockey with lessons to learn from

  • Honour Killing
    Honour Killing

    I am impressed with what Sujit Saraf, from IIT and Berkeley, has achieved in this book.

  • Bangladesh Diary
    Bangladesh Diary

    Bangladesh’s development story surprised me. The figures given by our embassy were impressive; a growth...

  • Shivpuri Diary
    Shivpuri Diary

    When we went to the Shivpuri jungle in 1950, daaku Maan Singh was the great Robin Hood of India. He was a...

  • Chandigarh Diary
    Chandigarh Diary

    The Chandigarh of Nehru and Corbusier has almost become a curiosity for a stream of visitors from the West...

  • Shivpuri Diary
    Shivpuri Diary

    As the Shatabdi wended its way south, we passed a continuous landscape of dusty fields with dispirited men...

  • The Five-Day War
    The Five-Day War

    India-Pakistan cricket fed a chauvinist imperative for decades. The liberal wind in the willows changed all...

  • Floss Silk City
    Floss Silk City

  • Planted On Earth
    Planted On Earth

  • The Scattered Ashes of a Legend
    The Scattered Ashes of a Legend

    Empire's marionette, Duleep Singh could only align his life with an idle absurdity

  • An Ol' Ranger
    An Ol' Ranger

  • White Elephant March
    White Elephant March

    Republic Day was always long on ceremony, now it's short on grace too

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