February 28, 2020

Monica Raina

  • Insatiable Thirst
    Insatiable Thirst

    Power, telecom, roads: there's no money to finance projects

  • Wheels For The Masses
    Wheels For The Masses

  • A Bourse On The Rise
    A Bourse On The Rise

    The OTCEI is threatened by the ASE's garnering of smallcaps

  • Redefining The Great Divide
    Redefining The Great Divide

    Are only 19 per cent of Indians below the poverty line, as the recent government survey claims?

  • Game India, Set India, Match...
    Game India, Set India, Match...

    Foreign television brands haven't yet turned on the Indian buyer

  • How Bad is it, Doctor?
    How Bad is it, Doctor?

    The Government's white paper on external debt reveals all the good news. And hides most of the bad.

  • The Truth About Inflation
    The Truth About Inflation

    Pre-election moves keep inflation at a below-seven rate, at the cost of industry

  • Steeplechase For The Mind
    Steeplechase For The Mind

    Pop psychology lends many cruel twists to the business of hiring

  • Going For Broke, Again
    Going For Broke, Again

    The Government's insatiable thirst for funds hurts industry and could lead to a repeat of 1991

  • Dangling The Carat
    Dangling The Carat

    The World Gold Council plans to hallmark gold jewellery

  • Misplaced Credit
    Misplaced Credit

    Debate rages on who initiated economic reforms in India

  • Stalling On The Highways
    Stalling On The Highways

    Investors find the road to privatisation slow-going and punctuated with speedbreakers

  • Rule Book Tyranny
    Rule Book Tyranny

    Traders suffer as junior officials cause delays in transactions

  • No New Recruits
    No New Recruits

    Financial service firms are slackening their hiring drive

  • A New Mantra
    A New Mantra

    The captains of industry rediscover the wisdom of the Vedas

  • Trading Places
    Trading Places

    Marketers are increasingly enlisting housewives as their sales force

  • The Clone Busters
    The Clone Busters

    Holograms may be a godsend in a market where fakes eat into company sales and consumers are saddled with...

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