October 01, 2020

Mike Gatting

  • Sixes In Chiang Mai
    Sixes In Chiang Mai

    The Champions Trophy has a lot going for it—money for development, a test bed for innovations,...

  • Courage Under Fire
    Courage Under Fire

    A drawn series was a fair result, but it could have easily gone either way—if only India and England had...

  • Carry On, Captain
    Carry On, Captain

    It'll be interesting to see if the Indian seamers have the required armoury to break through on a batting...

  • Bring On The Curry
    Bring On The Curry

    English cricket has never been more vigilant when it comes to spotting talent than what it's now. An...

  • Swinging Fortunes
    Swinging Fortunes

    Is the Indian batting line-up as good as it is hyped to be? If they are, why can't they get more runs in the...

  • Ace, King...But Who's Jack?
    Ace, King...But Who's Jack?

    The Indians seem to have only two players with the necessary technique and temperament to play long Test...

  • Leave It To The Lords
    Leave It To The Lords

    Gavaskar once came to Lord's without any papers and it was a long time before he could make it past the...

  • Hunger Of Young Dogs
    Hunger Of Young Dogs

    There isn't much separating the two sides. I will be surprised if either of them wins by more than a single...

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