August 15, 2020

Michael Church

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    FIFA comes under fire over what ousted favourites and fans called refereeing foul-ups in Korea-Japan '02

  • The Rainbow Warriors
    The Rainbow Warriors

    We were expecting the born-again ebullience of Ronaldo. But World Cup 2002 has also been a cauldron of hot,...

  • Headbangers Ball
    Headbangers Ball

    In this graveyard of the giants, the odds fluctuate as wildly as the hopes of fans. Some die young, some...

  • Gauls Get The Bleus
    Gauls Get The Bleus

    48 goals in the first 17 games, 61 yellow and three red cards. Soccermania has begun in right earnest. But...

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