June 18, 2021
M.G. Devasahayam

M.G. Devasahayam

  • ‘Who Didn't Warn Nehru?’
    ‘Who Didn't Warn Nehru?’

    A chat with filmmaker and author Shiv Kunal Verma whose showcasing of the Indian military remains...

  • Shenanigans In Sri Lanka?
    Shenanigans In Sri Lanka?

    Given Tamil sensitivities and Lanka’s strategic location, a loose cannon could have dangerous consequences...

  • The Deserted Village
    The Deserted Village

    The PM would do well to incorporate the Lok Nayak’s convictions and what he stood for and not ape alien...

  • The Haze Of Allegations
    The Haze Of Allegations

    It is General Vs. General, once again. And the usual suspects acting behind the scenes are alleged to be not...

  • That Darkness Still Stalks Our Dreams
    That Darkness Still Stalks Our Dreams

    Amid the beginnings of an attempt to stifle all dissent, the PM must remember JP, one of his gurus

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