July 04, 2020

Martin Crowe

  • Pack Hunters
    Pack Hunters

    It's a side without superstars. In '92 they showed what team play and tactics can achieve. Now, they're back...

  • Route To Glory
    Route To Glory

    The draw favours India, but it'll need more than luck to get to the second round. From there it could be...

  • Heretic's Day
    Heretic's Day

    Turning received wisdom on its head, the meagrely-outfitted Kiwis soared within a hair's breadth of lifting...

  • Midlife Crisis
    Midlife Crisis

    Predictability in the middle overs is choking instant cricket. The answer: new rules to pack in punch, or...

  • Bits And Pieces
    Bits And Pieces

    India has the talent and the potential, but needs to fill some glaring gaps, both in its line-up and its...

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