May 27, 2020

Manjul Bajaj

  • Entry Reserved In New City
    Entry Reserved In New City

    Man, Woman and Child plough their frenetic, lonely and despairing furrows in this exhilarating novel of new...

  • Telemachus In Belsize Park
    Telemachus In Belsize Park

    Readers who have been praying fervently for an antidote to Chetan Bhagat novels will have ample reason to...

  • Raymond’s In Pingakshipura
    Raymond’s In Pingakshipura

    A village—and its quirky, humdrum lives—is dragged into townhood. Nambisan’s scalpel probes every...

  • From Malabar To Dutch Galle
    From Malabar To Dutch Galle

    Nair brilliantly captures the music of many tongues as she traverses the different terrains.

  • Dark Arts From Singhbhum
    Dark Arts From Singhbhum

    A loving and careful recounting of the Santhal way of life

  • Raag Dehlvi, Vilambit
    Raag Dehlvi, Vilambit

    A much-married, feisty beauty lives and loves in an era suffused by poetry, in this paean to Indo-Islamic...

  • Gaiety-Chaos In City Primeval
    Gaiety-Chaos In City Primeval

    The standard road movie formula—the journey of two maverick characters in pursuit of a shared goal unfolds...

  • War Comes To The Anjuman
    War Comes To The Anjuman

    A father going blind feels the seasons in his garden with his fingertips as his sons fight in Afghanistan

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