July 03, 2020

Malavika Sangghvi

  • Royale With Cheese
    Royale With Cheese

    We’re talking beards, not burgers—Jadeja’s, Kohli’s, Dhawan’s, Amla’s

  • The New Privacy Settings
    The New Privacy Settings

    Putting your inner life out there on Facebook is therapeutic

  • Big Rush At Table One
    Big Rush At Table One

    Big names, big blather...the schmoozing summit season is on.

  • The CEO’s Last Temptation
    The CEO’s Last Temptation

    ‘Big government’ may be pure evil, but hey, maybe just one drag?

  • Stung By Reality
    Stung By Reality

    The box offers unfathomable opportunities for the voyeur

  • Adam 'N Steve Are Passé
    Adam 'N Steve Are Passé

    To be shocked at same-sex relationships will only draw ridicule

  • Stratospheric Chic
    Stratospheric Chic

    High-fliers know their codes on the Mumbai-Delhi business class

  • What Men Say...And Mean
    What Men Say...And Mean

    Obviously they are far from heeding the March Hare's advice ...

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