May 16, 2021

Madhu Trehan

  • Tavern Of The Soul: A Son Tiptoes In
    Tavern Of The Soul: A Son Tiptoes In

    Amitabh took a Paris audience on a celebration of his father’s Madhushala

  • Public Roadshows
    Public Roadshows

    If all that these ads claim is true, how come we as citizens have not seen any change? And can't the money be...

  • No Con, All Fusion
    No Con, All Fusion

    Today's writers don't need to explain. Who wants to take on the task of explaining our culture as one...

  • Guru, Father, Friend
    Guru, Father, Friend

    "Mommy knew she was one of the many women in his life, but loved him too much to care. She'd say, 'I wanted...

  • Waterloo Country
    Waterloo Country

    Consider the unhygienic conditions in a country where in the Harappa civilisation, each house had its own...

  • Who Needs Losers?
    Who Needs Losers?

    Women in Devdas 1955 were weepy, slavish and suffering. The heroines in Devdas 2002 are women we can relate...

  • House Of Horrors
    House Of Horrors

    Probably the best thing that ever happened to India is that so many of the corrupt and incompetent are busy...

  • Telescope Myopia
    Telescope Myopia

    Chet from America wrote: "Shame on you and all of India." My reply to him is: "You have done well to leave a...

  • Looking For Closure
    Looking For Closure

    Musharraf rants about Kashmir because he can't forget the 1971 cut India gave him. Why else would the place...

  • No Rights To The Bill
    No Rights To The Bill

    Morality is like money, its only worth is when all people agree upon a shared value. We are in cowboy country...

  • Paradise At A Premium
    Paradise At A Premium

    Sadly, we have a national character to be ashamed of. But no attention is being paid to it, forget about...

  • Life Goes On, Cruelly
    Life Goes On, Cruelly

    How many unknown soldiers have sacrificed their lives to our cultural cannibalism, fighting on the...

  • Modi's Quantum Leap
    Modi's Quantum Leap

    If we can get Muslims in Gujarat to stand up and live again with all the rights of an Indian citizen, you'll...

  • Swearing By Intangibles
    Swearing By Intangibles

    It was Advani's new concept, to bring religion into politics. Confusion has since reigned on what the Hindu...

  • Index For Censorship
    Index For Censorship

    If you listen to the politicians, journalists in India have an agenda to sensationalise. But events are...

  • Wag The Watchdog
    Wag The Watchdog

    Who watches the watchdog? Is the media criticising itself as relentlessly as it does others? Has it become...

  • America's Chicken Salad
    America's Chicken Salad

    Arafat, insists Powell, hasn't done enough. Musharraf's plastic surgery will droop eventually, yet looks...

  • Towards Owning India
    Towards Owning India

    While we are busy talking of second generation reforms and disinvestments isn't it time to truly take...

  • The Gita Today
    The Gita Today

    We are on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra. What would Kr¨sna say to Arjuna today?

  • Patriotism, A Dirty Word?
    Patriotism, A Dirty Word?

    Are you willing to die for your country? I would be very interested in a survey that would truthfully tell us...

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