November 24, 2020

Lopa Ghosh

  • The Female Made True
    The Female Made True

    Essays by young feminists speak true, but could have spoken sharper

  • The Trapdoor Chronicles
    The Trapdoor Chronicles

    Heartbreaking and shocking in equal parts, it is a book that propels us into a cathartic reading.

  • Reading Between The Buttons
    Reading Between The Buttons

    Written like a ready reckoner of issues that should have mattered and set the agenda for this election

  • Absinthe-Soaked Eurodreams
    Absinthe-Soaked Eurodreams

    This debut repri­ses the poshness of l’art pour l’art. It is an artist’s unabashed monument to pure...

  • What Katya Did In Vidarbha
    What Katya Did In Vidarbha

    Finally, a novel on the farmer suicides of Vidarbha,a tragedy ignored in mainstr­eam fiction

  • Girls Aloud In Pastel World
    Girls Aloud In Pastel World

    Frothy, girly fun? That and erotic, emotional conflict in ’80s Delhi, circled by a reliance on caste/class...

  • Protean Stab To The Humdrum
    Protean Stab To The Humdrum

    At ease with her material, Bajaj flirts with stereotypes, only to spring a twist that glimpses into...

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