January 15, 2021

Lasantha Wickrematunge

  • Daring The Embers
    Daring The Embers

    Cowering in forests, the LTTE wears a beaten look. The Lankan army can still expect a vicious sting.

  • The Tear Drops
    The Tear Drops

    The Emerald Isle had always looked on the sea as a calm presence. One cruel Sunday, it betrayed them with a...

  • Harbouring Apprehension
    Harbouring Apprehension

    Sri Lanka moves to minimise the impact of Sethusamudram

  • "Sri Lanka Won't Disappear"

    The LTTE leader speaks on the peace talks between the Tigers and the Sri Lankan government. More Coverage

  • Xtraaa Innings
    Xtraaa Innings

    Colombo's wiles lured cricketers to a different pitch too

  • Next Door Boor
    Next Door Boor

    Yashwant Sinha does the SAARC round while angry neighbours resent India's superpower-like vibes

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