June 16, 2021

Larry Jagan

  • A Free Vote For The Lady Of Liberty?
    A Free Vote For The Lady Of Liberty?

    This year we see Myanmar going to the polls in a fierce battle to decide the country’s fragile future

  • Which Road To Mandalay?
    Which Road To Mandalay?

    Suu Kyi has to tread carefully and figure out her politics in the changing scenario

  • Not Quite A Mandela Moment
    Not Quite A Mandela Moment

    As Myanmar’s people hope warily, Suu Kyi’s tenuous freedom would be spent well on conciliation

  • Oh, Dear Leader
    Oh, Dear Leader

    Eccentricity, self-defence, brinkmanship—what made Kim Jong-il blow the N-horn?

  • Beaches Of Sin
    Beaches Of Sin

    Will big-ticket, wall-to-wall tourism reclaim Thai sands? Or will the tsunami force a return to innocence as...

  • A Wok Of Corpses
    A Wok Of Corpses

    Magnitude 9 on Richter cut a deadly tsunami arc, reducing Aceh in Indonesia to rubble, Thailand to a tourist...

  • Holier Than...
    Holier Than...

    In a clear pro-New Delhi policy turn, Myanmar's military leader sacks his PM before visiting India Updates

  • Poppy Barons On The 'Speed' Boat
    Poppy Barons On The 'Speed' Boat

    The opium story nears its end. Myanmar's Golden Triangle shifts to synthetic drugs, pulling India into a...

  • Dragons And Peacocks
    Dragons And Peacocks

    Asean's outstretched hand to India is all fine, but when China calls it may look a closed fist

  • Hu?

    He has a 'keen intellect', is 'cautious but articulate' and has a terrific memory. But for all that, China's...

  • New San Over Irrawaddy
    New San Over Irrawaddy

    Suu Kyi's release spells a new beginning, but the restoration of democracy is still the junta's call

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