June 16, 2021
K.P.S. Gill

K.P.S. Gill

  • Encounters With Reality
    Encounters With Reality

    The Supreme Court’s order defining guidelines for encounter fatalities has been a long time coming

  • Blissfully Unready
    Blissfully Unready

    Nearly six years after the Mumbai 26/11 attacks, despite a flurry of erratic and uncoordinated initiatives,...

  • Demographic Invasion
    Demographic Invasion

    Above all, the corrupt politics of vote banks and crass electoral calculi, to the manifest detriment of the...

  • 'Crude And Offensive'
    'Crude And Offensive'

    'I condemn in the strongest terms possible the crude demonstrations against the Prime Minister at the Golden...

  • Beyond Debate
    Beyond Debate

    The endless and ill-informed debates on legal vs. developmental vs. political vs. negotiated vs. policing vs....

  • The Fountainhead
    The Fountainhead

    The Muslims do not have to, and should never be asked to, prove their loyalty and good faith any more than...

  • A Routine Reminder
    A Routine Reminder

    Unless India and USA join hands to exert inexorable pressure on Islamabad to reverse the direction of its...

  • Self-Inflicted Wounds
    Self-Inflicted Wounds

    While separatists and Pakistani proxies have great reason to celebrate the ongoing disorders in the state,...

  • The ISI's Sinister Shadow
    The ISI's Sinister Shadow

    When we send men into conflict situations, there is an inevitable risk of loss of life. This should not...

  • The ISI Mark
    The ISI Mark

    The reality is, there is no such thing as Islamist fundamentalist terrorism. To understand the position...

  • The Implosion of International Terrorism
    The Implosion of International Terrorism

    There is an internal mechanism of self-destruction in all terrorist movements, and this is increasingly...

  • The Outsiders
    The Outsiders

    In Manipur, a succession of three incidents against 'Hindi-speaking' outsiders between March 17 and 19, 2008,...

  • What India Needs
    What India Needs

    India is seeking 'global power' status, but its politics remains mired in the most extraordinary pettiness....

  • Internal Contradictions
    Internal Contradictions

    It would be ironic indeed, but not inconceivable, in the midst of rising chaos, political corruption and...

  • A Boor, Not A Monkey
    A Boor, Not A Monkey

    Several somewhat specious defences have been offered for Harbhajan's outburst against Symonds -- the most...

  • Doomsday Delusions
    Doomsday Delusions

    The Pakistan Army has certainly taken something of a beating over the past over a year -- and particularly...

  • Posturing As Policy
    Posturing As Policy

    Why, for example, the 'secular' Congress finds it expedient to project BJP defectors as its face in Gujarat,...

  • Resounding Failures
    Resounding Failures

    All our grandiose plans and projections collapse at the stage of execution and the truth is that the planning...

  • Where The Buck Stops
    Where The Buck Stops

    The 'administrative and political lapses' that Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee would like to dismiss as an...

  • Intelligence Failure
    Intelligence Failure

    The UP blasts are yet another reminder of India's inability to respond coherently, proportionately and with...

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