April 09, 2020

K.C. Singh

  • Los Angeles Diary
    Los Angeles Diary

    "India needs a Stanford, California’s spirit of innovation and enabling and friendly regulatory...

  • The Hard Trek To Mount Of Olives
    The Hard Trek To Mount Of Olives

    It has taken 25 years for India to break out of its moral duplicity regarding Israel. West Asia has changed,...

  • New York Diary
    New York Diary

    Can you imagine an Indian tycoon positioning himself like Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, with the nation and...

  • Knuckleduster

    Are Trump’s campaign tactics really enough for his ambition?

  • Theatre Of Lightness
    Theatre Of Lightness

    Modi’s diplomatic stagecraft has only had modest success

  • Get It Flying
    Get It Flying

    Finalise the purchase of the Rafale as second-guessing will cause more delays and cost escalations.

  • PM, By Initials
    PM, By Initials

    Assertiveness is one thing. Pranab must shun political play.

  • Grass In The Wind
    Grass In The Wind

    Britain and Modi, and how nations can’t bet on just one horse

  • Equally Shared Faults
    Equally Shared Faults

    Breakfast in Amritsar, lunch in Lahore, and dinner in Kabul. The new visa regime hopefully is a step towards...

  • Arabia Shuts The Gates
    Arabia Shuts The Gates

    It’s becoming difficult for fugitives to seek refuge in GCC states

  • The Giani And The Sea Of Changes
    The Giani And The Sea Of Changes

    Assertiveness hasn’t often been a presidential trait. But, as Zail Singh showed in 1987, it can be learnt.

  • The Making Of Hell
    The Making Of Hell

    An ex-CIA man opens up on the US-Pakistan axis against terror, examines its untidy origins, stares into a...

  • Queen Side Castle
    Queen Side Castle

    Sonia takes domestic. The PM’s club takes foreign. A bad idea.

  • It’s Menon’s Fault
    It’s Menon’s Fault

    Many foreign secys have shown the will to speak truth to power

  • Gambit For The Vizier
    Gambit For The Vizier

    In Iran, the play of forces ranges against the Supreme Leader

  • Candle Burning At Three Ends
    Candle Burning At Three Ends

    An open letter to the new PM on the region's three crisis points

  • Shishya Dakshina
    Shishya Dakshina

    Official India must accept the Dalai Lama's relevance as a moral force

  • Narayanan Must Make Way For A Successor
    Narayanan Must Make Way For A Successor

    Our neighbour sacked its NSA for telling the truth; we carry on with one despite lapses and gaffes

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