July 09, 2020

Kamla Bhatt

  • Telugu bidda from upstate NY
    Telugu bidda from upstate NY

    In poverty-scarred Medhak, a micro-credit scheme replicates the Grameen Bank model

  • Sleepless In...
    Sleepless In...

    It's Cup fever in Silicon Valley too. No one's missing the action.

  • Techno Beats On The Sash
    Techno Beats On The Sash

    The IIT-50 bash by the alumni saw the who's who laud the institution. Can the techies now take it further?

  • 'We Want A Just Result For Reka'
    'We Want A Just Result For Reka'

    'Murthy had such authority, that he hired and fired employees on whim, and that he took pride in his ability...

  • Passion For Patterns
    Passion For Patterns

    Kaushik Bhattacharya, Professor of Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Caltech

  • 'What Went Wrong?'
    'What Went Wrong?'

    Shrinivas Kulkarni, Department of Astronomy, Caltech University

  • Guided By Gandalf
    Guided By Gandalf

    Chaitan Khosla, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Stanford University

  • E-Group Behaviour: Ethnic Stickies
    E-Group Behaviour: Ethnic Stickies

    Immigrant Indians and Chinese use their own LANs and back-up systems to get ahead

  • Ustad's Califate
    Ustad's Califate

    California may not be Maihar, but sarod great Ali Akbar Khan has made it his exiled gharana

  • Alone In The Crowd
    Alone In The Crowd

    For all those who ceaselessly chased the euphoria of protean identities in a world where the celebratory...

  • Our Pind In Yuba
    Our Pind In Yuba

    Yuba City, prune capital of California, is also a veritable 'chhotta Punjab', with the immigrants putting...

  • The
    The "Foreign" League

    After computers and infotech, South Asians have another claim to fame—teaching cricket to the Yankees

  • Byting Chill
    Byting Chill

    Starry-eyed Indian nerds go down with the great American cyberdream

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