November 26, 2020

Julfikar Ali Manik

  • Soldiers Of Ill Fortune
    Soldiers Of Ill Fortune

    The mutiny in the Bangladesh Rifles raises larger questions

  • Growth Of A Cancer
    Growth Of A Cancer

    Is it HUJI... or is it not?

  • My Puppet, The Fanatic
    My Puppet, The Fanatic

    The BNP rulers played Frankenstein in monster Bangla Bhai's reign of terror

  • Phantom Of The Opera
    Phantom Of The Opera

    Behind Lt Gen Moeen U. Ahmed's quiet anonymity lies steely resolve to put Bangladesh back on track

  • Bang, Whimper
    Bang, Whimper

    Bangladesh's war on terror begins in earnest with the execution of six top militants

  • Vote's The Hurry
    Vote's The Hurry

    Democracy is held hostage by Dhaka's scheming politicians

  • Shift To Neutral
    Shift To Neutral

    The Opposition bristles over the choice of caretaker head for the polls

  • 'The Grameen Bank Won It'
    'The Grameen Bank Won It'

    'We (Bangladesh) have taken many things from the world, now we have given something to the world, a model to...

  • The Red, Dotted Line
    The Red, Dotted Line

    BSF, trigger-happy or on the job? Depends on the side of the fence.

  • Gallows Checklist
    Gallows Checklist

    Bangla Bhai is to be executed, a lot of political questions hang

  • Every Sylhet Lining
    Every Sylhet Lining

    Two top Bangladesh terrorists are caught, but an iceberg lurks

  • A Regime In Denial
    A Regime In Denial

    The 500 explosions were real, what's unreal is Dhaka refusing to recognise extremism

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