November 27, 2020

J.N. Dixit

  • Doubtful Decisions And Dual Loyalties
    Doubtful Decisions And Dual Loyalties

    Jawaharlal Nehru said that the first loyalty of Indian communities abroad should be to the country of their...

  • Eminence Grise
    Eminence Grise

    Though pegged to personal interactions, has a delightful undercurrent of history and international politics.

  • In Residence
    In Residence

    DLF -- will it become another Greater Kailash?

  • Forward Line Notes
    Forward Line Notes

    Finally, a book that eschews theory and focuses on the Kargil conflict from the perspective of the ordinary...

  • For A Policy Umbrella
    For A Policy Umbrella

    Since India can't be rid of party politics, it needs to evolve a new consensus around vital policy areas.

  • No More Morality Bombs
    No More Morality Bombs

    Instead of condemning, the attempt should be to bring NATO and Milosevic back to the negotiation table.

  • A Bit Too Combat-Ready
    A Bit Too Combat-Ready

    There must have been thoughtless abrasivness on the part of the ministry to bring matters to such a pass

  • Pride And Pragmatism
    Pride And Pragmatism

    While Japan might have stopped economic aid, it has placed no restrictions on Japanese entrepreneurs in India.

  • Seaswept Wisdom
    Seaswept Wisdom

    Of wars and naval manoeuvres

  • A Tiny Step Forward
    A Tiny Step Forward

    It's time India suggests a solution to the Kashmir issue by converting the Line of Control into the Indo-Pak...

  • Partial Recall
    Partial Recall

    A diplomat recalls a multi-hued career, in black and white

  • Dawdling At Durban
    Dawdling At Durban

  • Blasting A Straitjacket
    Blasting A Straitjacket

    Between 1974 and 1996 Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems. China emerged as a...

  • Poetic Injustice
    Poetic Injustice

    An engrossing anthology with undue emphasis on English

  • Psycho Skirmish
    Psycho Skirmish

    Pakistan's 'success' in test-firing the Ghauri calls for strategic analysis, not political bravado

  • Hush...The Bomb Squad
    Hush...The Bomb Squad

    The West is sure to intensify pressure on New Delhi to kowtow on non-proliferation

  • No One's Above The Law
    No One's Above The Law

    The abusal of immunity in public exhibited by the wife of an Algerian diplomat must be viewed seriously by...

  • Travels In Hyper- Reactivity
    Travels In Hyper- Reactivity

  • Commissions, Omissions
    Commissions, Omissions

    I had the dubious privilege of appearing before Justice Milap Chand Jain's Commission on April 11 and 12,...

  • Good Riddance, 'Ms Robinhood'
    Good Riddance, 'Ms Robinhood'

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