October 22, 2020

Jaishree Misra

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear

    Far from a brisk how-to-solve manual, it is not even straightforward chick-lit. But it offers unexpected...

  • Common Loss
    Common Loss

    Heart in the right place, but the simplistic, linear narrative does injustice to the world of special needs

  • Dark Lessons
    Dark Lessons

    It is when she returns to fiction that she seems most at home: an ultimately satisfying read

  • Adela's Shadow
    Adela's Shadow

    Apart from cringing at the occasional inaccuracy, Indian readers will find themselves longing for...

  • Talk Naturally!
    Talk Naturally!

    Only good screenplays can ensure western audiences for Bollywood films

  • Adversity, Who?
    Adversity, Who?

    A brave theme for a book: a mother's account of bringing up a child with Down's Syndrome

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