June 16, 2021

Irfan Parviz

  • Fatwa For Freedom
    Fatwa For Freedom

    It isn’t a revolution yet, but reformists have swept Iran’s election

  • Saving Private Rushdie
    Saving Private Rushdie

    Fatwas never die. Now comes the question of according the author safe passage through India.

  • No Freedom From Fatwa?
    No Freedom From Fatwa?

    The Iranian government may have distanced itself from the fatwa against Rushdie, but fundamentalists haven't

  • A Trigger Away
    A Trigger Away

    Tension escalates as Tehran and the Taliban head for the endgame

  • Why Russia Is Fretting
    Why Russia Is Fretting

    Russia arms its frontiers, Iran rubbishes Taliban's 'Islamic' credo

  • The Fall Of 'Satan'
    The Fall Of 'Satan'

    Iran's win over the US overshadows a conservative-reformist spat

  • A Moderate On Trial
    A Moderate On Trial

    The Right's battle against the reformists claims Tehran's mayor

  • A Subtle Persian Script
    A Subtle Persian Script

    President Khatami offers the US an olive branch, but hardliners may not allow an immediate thaw

  • The Mild Face Of Persia
    The Mild Face Of Persia

    A woman vice-president, a liberal culture minister—Iran's new president ushers swift reforms

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