October 23, 2020

Gerson Da Cunha

  • The Bom Bahia Siege
    The Bom Bahia Siege

    The worst part about public catastrophe is the personal wound...

  • The Cannes Smirk
    The Cannes Smirk

    Indian films missing in action at a world celebration, for the fifth time

  • Cinematic Shift
    Cinematic Shift

  • The Cavafy Of Colaba
    The Cavafy Of Colaba

    Since this review was written, the literary world of Marathi and English suffered a grievous blow in the...

  • Le Heretique
    Le Heretique

  • The Passion Of The Christ
    The Passion Of The Christ

    Passion will inform where once there was ignorance or indifference. It will preach its greatest lesson to the...

  • The Indian Cannes Sutra
    The Indian Cannes Sutra

    It's the mother of all film fests, and India's surely growing up

  • Catharsis, Updated
    Catharsis, Updated

    Girish Karnad's 'Bali' re-interrogates the value of sacrificial blood

  • The Jury Decides
    The Jury Decides

    The Cannes film festival ignores brilliant performances in Mike Leigh's 'All or Nothing' and crowns Roman...

  • The Low-Brow High Art
    The Low-Brow High Art

  • Horned Flicks
    Horned Flicks

  • A Rare Pearl
    A Rare Pearl

    Zany, unique, uncompromising, intuitive-Pearl Padamsee was all this and much more

  • Overdue Spoils
    Overdue Spoils

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