January 17, 2021

Geoffrey Boycott

  • Lucre, The Lucifer
    Lucre, The Lucifer

    A bizarre end to a farcical tournament

  • Farewell, My Lovelies
    Farewell, My Lovelies

    World cricket will miss the four maestros

  • The English Patients
    The English Patients

    After this thrashing, something's got to give

  • Two Wrongs, One Wright
    Two Wrongs, One Wright

    Foreign coaches won't work in India? Really?

  • Bat Out Of Hell
    Bat Out Of Hell

    Peaking at the right time is most crucial

  • A Slip On The Peel
    A Slip On The Peel

    India can win the Cup only in India

  • Pitch And Sonofapitch
    Pitch And Sonofapitch

    On erratic tracks, batsmen must be realistic

  • 11 Oz. Of Bad Blood
    11 Oz. Of Bad Blood

    They'd play ugly and win, than fight and lose

  • Rajas And Courtiers
    Rajas And Courtiers

    With a confident Sachin as its lynchpin, batting is India's strength. But there are downsides.

  • Kangaroos Hold Court
    Kangaroos Hold Court

    To be in the Aussie team is the toughest test

  • Ooh! Aah! ...Ouch!
    Ooh! Aah! ...Ouch!

    A little bounce, and Asian batsmen skitter

  • So Far, No Good
    So Far, No Good

    The Champions Trophy has been deadly dull

  • Nandroids On Speed
    Nandroids On Speed

    Beginning a second successive article with Pakistan may seem a bit too much, but do I have a choice?

  • 11 Emirs All In A Row
    11 Emirs All In A Row

    Pakistan can win against everyone — but itself

  • Topsy, But Very Turvy
    Topsy, But Very Turvy

    Greg's an old cardsharp, but he's shuffled too much

  • One-Oopsmanship

    India has the edge, but post-Australia, Pakistan aren't pushovers

  • Why Yorkshire Loves The Wrong 'un
    Why Yorkshire Loves The Wrong 'un

    As the county's first overseas player, an 'unfinished' 19-year-old Sachin was a dream

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