January 22, 2021

Dom Moraes

  • From The Cheap Seats
    From The Cheap Seats

    The watchers in cheap seats applaud it all/with puny wooden drums, instead of words.

  • A Weak Dose Of LSD
    A Weak Dose Of LSD

    No thrills here, just meaningless tragic frills to a fantasy no one can really fancy

  • A Word For The Wind
    A Word For The Wind

    That was Nissim Ezekiel, poet, professor and person par excellence

  • Writing Aloud, But Gently
    Writing Aloud, But Gently

    For the average Mumbaikar, Busybee's columns was their voice speaking

  • Life In Wee Nooke
    Life In Wee Nooke

    A likeable novel despite the unavoidable Mills and Boon touches.

  • A Dry Course
    A Dry Course

    Most of the people in this book speak as though at an English public school, and the author is as facetious.

  • Just For A Lard
    Just For A Lard

    Thukral has attemped to follow in the footsteps of Swift and Orwell by writing a satirical allegory, and he...

  • A Reassuring Presence
    A Reassuring Presence

    Vernon's Krishnamurti somehow does not sound like the person I met in Pupul Jayakar's house in Delhi.

  • Architecture Of Hope
    Architecture Of Hope

    "Advani thought this was a costly Japanese project. When he realised it was Indian and cheap, he said he...

  • Caught In Some Morass, Dom?
    Caught In Some Morass, Dom?

    Call me behind times, but technology and I never took to each other

  • From The Cheap Seats
    From The Cheap Seats

  • Pilgrim's Progress
    Pilgrim's Progress

    An intense examination of painter Sabavala's 'otherness'

  • House Of Tradition
    House Of Tradition

    English sensibility, Indian ethos

  • Byzantium Beckons
    Byzantium Beckons

    An honest travelogue: across a past enveloped by the present

  • Beyond Compton...
    Beyond Compton...

    Jessop's fire and Compton's savagery, Tendulkar has them all, and more

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