July 29, 2021

C.P. Surendran

  • Newest Man From La Mancha
    Newest Man From La Mancha

    Rushdie borrows Cervantes’s many-mirrored structure to portray our post-truth world of leaky realities; it...

  • Driver Calls December Beatrice
    Driver Calls December Beatrice

    Woven within an ambience of loss—of innocence, home, honour—Jha clinically details his characters’...

  • No Rhyme, Only An Anguished Cry
    No Rhyme, Only An Anguished Cry

    The Hungryalists found a visceral new idiom to lance the pustules around them. The resultant backlash...

  • Book For All Chiroptophobics
    Book For All Chiroptophobics

    Transgression leads to transcendence in this genre-bending novel, as shape-­shifting ideologies are left for...

  • Shockie’s Last Blast
    Shockie’s Last Blast

    A novel on the ravages of terrorism fails on account of insipidity

  • Let ‘A’ Be The New Universal
    Let ‘A’ Be The New Universal

    The censor board is right about the new Jungle Book. It’s not fit for unrestricted viewing, but neither are...

  • We Asked Them For Stories
    We Asked Them For Stories

    You will, woncha? By mid-October? While the goddess is straw still?.... Oh, but to count the bellows of the...

  • Materia Medica
    Materia Medica

    From an ongoing work, a return to poetry after eight years

  • Those Black Silk Curtains
    Those Black Silk Curtains

    Ok, you look young with your hair. But should you, after all? Ask Rajni

  • I'm A National Absession
    I'm A National Absession

    Shah Rukh Khan inhabits a universe that revolves solely around himself

  • Glorious Make Belief Bharat!
    Glorious Make Belief Bharat!

    Stars survive in a wispy, staged world. Politics is too real.

  • There's No Poetry Anymore
    There's No Poetry Anymore

    The written word no longer seems a way of happening, Auden said. Can't agree more.

  • Misfortune's Duo
    Misfortune's Duo

    Tantalising in its understatement, the sadness of his vision wells up through the words.

  • Pearl-White Bones
    Pearl-White Bones

    Is reviewing books the best way to lose friends? Is that why our reviewer is playing safe?

  • Being And Nosiness
    Being And Nosiness

    The fragrance, if any, is fleeting, while the words kill with their excess

  • Amour Sonar Bangla
    Amour Sonar Bangla

    Compared to the rhetorical, documentary-like Lajja, French Lover is an evolved creation. It's much better...

  • Mumbai

    Thai Pavilion, Olive Bar and Kitchen, Indigo, Zodiac Grill and Golden Dragon.

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