June 12, 2021

B.R. Srikanth

  • Mysore Masala
    Mysore Masala

    Both Congress, BJP are mired in scams as polls loom

  • The Lost Sheep
    The Lost Sheep

    The colour of your collar doesn't matter when it comes to sharing the debt burden of sleep

  • The Alternative
    The Alternative

    If the Congress-led coalition breasts the tape, Manmohan Singh could be prime minister

  • Moon Mountain
    Moon Mountain

    Indian space scientists, driven by quest and profit, want the moon, and perhaps Mars too. Is it the aeon of...

  • Baig Not To differ
    Baig Not To differ

    In an election year, the stamp scam can give the Congress a good licking Updates

  • Another Ayodhya?
    Another Ayodhya?

    It was Babri in 1992, a decade later it's a Sufi shrine in the south

  • Post Box No. 420
    Post Box No. 420

    The Mumbai police chief is accused of conniving in the fake stamp paper scam. And he may just be one of the...

  • The Red Drought
    The Red Drought

    The Bombay Group, people with a rare genetic defect, see few avenues for help

  • Chips Are Down
    Chips Are Down

    Bangalore, India's software garden, is on the blink

  • In The Beginning, There Was History
    In The Beginning, There Was History

    Bangalore's Heritage Man wants to restore the city's soul—by organising talk and walk packages

  • Bioclock Alarm
    Bioclock Alarm

    Twenty per cent of urban couples are battling babylessness in India. Doctors blame it on bad living and...

  • Syed Kirmani
    Syed Kirmani

    The new chairman of the BCCI’s selection committee on the forthcoming home series against New Zealand and...

  • Bliss Krieg
    Bliss Krieg

    The live-for-today urban Indian is in the material whirl of malls, mobiles and multiplexes. And he is gasping...

  • The Final Seconds
    The Final Seconds

    Krishna goes after non-duty-paid liquor, figures follow

  • Model Town
    Model Town

    The new IIMs find their feet cracking social issues, thereby creating a nichec

  • Green Room Guns
    Green Room Guns

    Body and mind stretches, talks from guest experts, the Indian team is getting a thorough tune-up

  • Skylight On The Fourth Wall
    Skylight On The Fourth Wall

    Prisoners in some Karnataka jails find there is life after crime: in the therapeutic arms of theatre

  • All About Skull Management
    All About Skull Management

    Doff your hat to this Bangalorean's crusade to put the helmet back where it rightfully belongs

  • Top Quarks
    Top Quarks

    An Outlook jury nominates 20 Indian science luminaries for the Nobel. Will one of these Magi deliver us from...

  • Harry Is Hipnotic
    Harry Is Hipnotic

    There's something about Harry. The global phenomenon washes up on Indian shores, with that magical hold over...

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