June 12, 2021

Behroz Khan

  • The Spooled Alleyways
    The Spooled Alleyways

    Peshawar preserves a Bollywood in its midst: the ancestral homes of the Kapoors, Dilip Kumar and Shahrukh

  • The Mind Is With Fear
    The Mind Is With Fear

    Jaspal Singh’s murder shows that Sikhs are now just fodder in FATA’s inner war

  • History's Hostages
    History's Hostages

    Held to a huge ransom by the Taliban, NWFP's Sikhs have nowhere to go

  • 'Democracy Is A Sin, Infidelity'
    'Democracy Is A Sin, Infidelity'

    He was once a violent cleric. Now, at the age of 77, he talks peace, grabbing headlines worldwide for the...

  • One Step Closer
    One Step Closer

    The US strategy to put its weight behind the Northern Alliance pays off as Zarai's fall brings them nearer to...

  • Before The War, The Flood Of Misery
    Before The War, The Flood Of Misery

    The refugee crisis deepens as a ceaseless human tide crashes against the sealed Afghan-Pak border.

  • Stone Age Rerun
    Stone Age Rerun

    It's a nation waiting for devastation, for sleek planes to rain down lethal bombs, for deadly missiles to...

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