August 01, 2021

A.S. Panneerselvan

  • Engendering Violence
    Engendering Violence

    It's the least safe city for women, going by an NCRB report

  • JJ & Her Technicolor Cape
    JJ & Her Technicolor Cape

    The regent of Poes Garden returns, using her understanding of electoral arithmetic and the confusion in her...

  • Mother Fixation
    Mother Fixation

    Amma has sewn up a rainbow coalition that could swamp a desertion-struck DMK

  • A Martyr's Role
    A Martyr's Role

    Jaya shifts the focus to win public sympathy points

  • The Real Issue Issues Forth
    The Real Issue Issues Forth

    Stalin as heir-apparent roils an already turbulent scenario

  • The Art of Synectics
    The Art of Synectics

    TAMIL NADU: Strength of the House: 234

  • Time Is The Plague, Space The Healer
    Time Is The Plague, Space The Healer

    Space might be infinite; but the space available for living is finite. Unless we start seeking answers for...

  • The Shimmering Mirage
    The Shimmering Mirage

    It's been a seesaw. But the arrest of a close Veerappan associate brings some firm hope.

  • How To Swap A Partner
    How To Swap A Partner

    Promiscuity's in full flow as Dravidian, national parties stage a frantic mating ritual

  • Split Atoms in Random Motion
    Split Atoms in Random Motion

    The PMK joins the AIADMK but a Mahajot is some way off yet

  • The City Of Gallant Knights
    The City Of Gallant Knights

    Anand's triumph is a high point. But then, Chennai has long been host to the royal game.

  • The Man With Nerves Of Steel
    The Man With Nerves Of Steel

    He was chosen for his honesty to head the commission probing the Babri demolition. That same honesty has...

  • To Flog Dead Horses
    To Flog Dead Horses

    Equine deaths at an anti-venom unit raise questions and a stink

  • The Price Of Freedom
    The Price Of Freedom

    Rajkumar's release might be the result of a huge payoff. And Veerappan might have got all he wanted—and...

  • Politics By Wrote
    Politics By Wrote

    If there is one block that our politicians don't have, it's the one that usually plagues writers

  • Mother Of All Geeks
    Mother Of All Geeks

    Shattering the technophobe stereotype, more and more Indian mothers are going e

  • Doves Versus Hawks
    Doves Versus Hawks

    Mixed opinions from an overflowing nuclear cauldron

  • Season Of Bad Blood
    Season Of Bad Blood

    The RSS' minority-baiting is a double-edged sword-coerce minorities and blackmail the BJP

  • In An Existential Soup
    In An Existential Soup

    Jayalalitha's indictment in the Tansi case poses serious questions about the AIADMK's future

  • Daddy's Day Out
    Daddy's Day Out

    As Karunanidhi anoints Stalin, elder son Azhagiri is up in arms

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