October 22, 2020

Arun Venugopal

  • Shekhar Goes Kaput
    Shekhar Goes Kaput

    US critics pan 'The Four Feathers', though it's an eerily topical film

  • Light Up The Spiral
    Light Up The Spiral

    The world's oldest holistic design system is the new fad in the US. Will popular culture catch on like it did...

  • Ashes On The Hudson
    Ashes On The Hudson

    To remember is to relive the trauma. Of reconstructing the event and wishing it had a different end. But...

  • No Place For Hate
    No Place For Hate

    Pandit Jasraj's singing raises hackles in New York.

  • Sex And Drugs
    Sex And Drugs

    Shaila Mani, Cell Biologist, Baylor College of Medicine

  • Catching The Counterfeit
    Catching The Counterfeit

    B.V.V. Prasad, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center

  • Swallowing Ape Serum
    Swallowing Ape Serum

    Ajit Varki, Director, Glycobiology Research Center, University of California, Berkeley

  • Exponentional Uncertainty
    Exponentional Uncertainty

    Umesh Vazirani, Professor of Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley

  • Art Apparitions
    Art Apparitions

    The art galleries are getting bigger but is contemporary Indian art all that big in the West?

  • The Men India May Have Lost...
    The Men India May Have Lost...

  • Skyscrapered!

    It remains to be seen if the September 11 events change geopolitical equations

  • Deadlier Than A Khomeini Fatwa
    Deadlier Than A Khomeini Fatwa

    The verdict's out on Salman Rushdie's 'Fury'. And it's enough to hang the celebrated author.

  • 'Nehru Was The Worst Disaster To Ever Hit India'
    'Nehru Was The Worst Disaster To Ever Hit India'

    The man who first broke the news of Gandhi's assassination, in conversation, speaking on India, Indians and...

  • Fed-Ex Teachers
    Fed-Ex Teachers

    With lesser numbers of their own joining the profession, Indian teachers are in demand in the US

  • Bang On Target
    Bang On Target

    'Desi' ads open their account in the American cityscape

  • Exile's Laughter
    Exile's Laughter

    A small-budget NRI film creates a not-so-small wave

  • Slave Revolt In Land Of The Free
    Slave Revolt In Land Of The Free

    Low pay, heavy workloads: Indian servants rebel against their lot

  • California Electric Blues
    California Electric Blues

    It's blackout time in the richest US state as power biggies like Enron face investigations and consumer suits

  • Goodfellas Inc
    Goodfellas Inc

    Clinton's India feelings continue—now he's a prime fundraiser

  • The Benign Foreign Hand
    The Benign Foreign Hand

    Indians in Britain and the US give an overwhelming response to calls for aid for Gujarat's victims

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