June 16, 2021

Arshad Mahmud

  • Zenana Republic
    Zenana Republic

    It's reigning women, much to the distress of the nation and its men

  • Next Door Boor
    Next Door Boor

    Yashwant Sinha does the SAARC round while angry neighbours resent India's superpower-like vibes

  • Remembered Limb
    Remembered Limb

    Musharraf's first 'east-side' visit has troubling resonances

  • Rising Son
    Rising Son

    BNP's young Turks plot the president's ouster, to elevate Khaleda's son, Tarek, in the party hierarchy

  • Gene-Clad Aura
    Gene-Clad Aura

    The new power centre is—no surprise—the PM's son

  • The Hellish Fury Of A Man Spurned
    The Hellish Fury Of A Man Spurned

    New laws seek to curb an epidemic of gender violence, as acid attacks on girls show an alarming upward...

  • Liberating History
    Liberating History

    Tit-for-tat politics takes its toll as the nation vacillates between different versions of its freedom...

  • Other Minor Battles
    Other Minor Battles

    Khaleda comes—and a wave of anti-minority attacks sweeps districts

  • Liberation, Theology
    Liberation, Theology

    The pre-poll acrimony spills over, a fragile democracy is in test

  • Rites Of Freedom
    Rites Of Freedom

    The Bangladesh polls are a litmus test for the country's maturity

  • A Ballot-Paper War
    A Ballot-Paper War

    Despite Khaleda's rhetoric, the 'anti-India wave' might peter out

  • Equivocal Compulsions
    Equivocal Compulsions

    In a turnaround Hasina praises BDR's action, to boost troop morale and escape electoral drubbing

  • Hasina Maan Jayegi!
    Hasina Maan Jayegi!

    One man's adventurism is being milked for political mileage

  • The Final Edict
    The Final Edict

    Religious zealots are stung to the quick as a court bans fatwas

  • Paternity Of Peace
    Paternity Of Peace

    Gandhi's view finds new takers in South Africa and Bangladesh

  • The Non-Resident Dalits
    The Non-Resident Dalits

    Though insecure and a tad envious of the counterparts in India, Bangladesh's Dalits don't want to leave

  • Disfigure Of Speech
    Disfigure Of Speech

    A tough-talking Hasina irks Musharraf, stirs up an uproar at home

  • Bangla’s Hungry Stones
    Bangla’s Hungry Stones

    It’s Bangla rock’s second coming. But unlike in Bangladesh, it’s still to become a viable...

  • A Rooftop Passenger
    A Rooftop Passenger

    It was Basu vs Vajpayee, not diplomacy, that stole the show

  • Thud And Blunder
    Thud And Blunder

    Book fair diplomacy boomerangs, ruining Sheikh Hasina's visit

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