July 29, 2021

Archana Rai

  • The Next Wave
    The Next Wave

    Can Indian IT firms manage to move up the software value chain?

  • Kickstartup Once More
    Kickstartup Once More

    It's raining money for Indian start-ups as global VCs sign on for a stake in the next big idea

  • Size Matters
    Size Matters

    In the emerging software landscape, only the frontliners are coping. Others have to realign or perish.

  • Momma, See My Wisdom Tooth
    Momma, See My Wisdom Tooth

    The bees do it, the birds do it. But bringing up metrosexual parents today is not that simple.

  • Our Very Own G-4
    Our Very Own G-4

    The '90s liberalisation wave, new focuses help get these four industry giants into the billion-dollar club.

  • Sun-Up Dials
    Sun-Up Dials

    Indian shores, with a large pool of willing talent, are hot destinations for TNCs wishing to outsource. Could...

  • Other Side Of Midnight
    Other Side Of Midnight

    Lower costs plus talent favour India right now. But China, Russia and the Philippines are closing in fast.

  • Squeeze Me Another, Sam
    Squeeze Me Another, Sam

    It's liquid energy. And all of India is going with the flow.

  • His Macho Highness
    His Macho Highness

    Some brawnie points for our man, the first to infiltrate the big, bulging meatshop of entertainment wrestling

  • Dr Rajesh Sharma
    Dr Rajesh Sharma

    Head of the Paediatric Cardio Thoracic Unit of Bangalore’s Narayana Hrudayalaya on his celebrity patient...

  • An Equal Prayer
    An Equal Prayer

    Noor Fatima's heart is definitely not a lonely hunter. Host Bangalore and its highly capable doctors ensure...

  • The Sweet 'n Sour Chimney Broth
    The Sweet 'n Sour Chimney Broth

    Chinese dumping has stung India, yet it sees China as a potential ally

  • Crumble Cookie
    Crumble Cookie

    Flamboyant biscuit king Sunil Alagh gets the sack as Nusli Wadia sours the line with French sugar daddies

  • Finger Lickin' Good
    Finger Lickin' Good

    The food business is in full flavour, tickling Indian taste buds and keeping the cash tills jingling like...

  • The Great Indian Workout
    The Great Indian Workout

    Jobs are for the asking in the sunrise industry. As for striking out on your own, the time is as good as any.

  • Bad Graha Bad Artha
    Bad Graha Bad Artha

    The case of Polaris CEO Arun Jain's detention in Indonesia makes the risks associated with India's...

  • Rainbow Harvesters
    Rainbow Harvesters

    These kisans plough their fields with a painter's panache and their diet isn't staple. Their farms are sites...

  • Boyz II Men II: Wheat & Chaff
    Boyz II Men II: Wheat & Chaff

    Yes, the biggies have delivered. But a caveat—the sector as a whole is a mixed bag.

  • No Middle Ground
    No Middle Ground

    An all-round decline in financial security means the bourgeois disenchantment with the NDA government is...

  • Exchange Rate
    Exchange Rate

    It's not just computers that are networked. B-schools too thrive on it.

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